How do you live freely under fascism?

Is religion sacred, or can it be shaped to suit your spiritual needs?

Who truly has the authority to define the reality we live in?

The work of Leda Rafanelli raises, and suggests a few possible answers to, these questions.

Leda Rafanelli (1880-1971) was an Italian writer, editor, publisher, and activist who paid the bills through fortune-telling in her later life. An outspoken anarchist, she conformed to neither radical nor customary conventions in her perspectives on sexuality and spirituality, among other eccentricities. 


Some of Leda’s work has been translated into English and published in the biography I Belong Only to Myself: the Life and Writings of Leda Rafanelli.

This website is here to help you discover who Leda Rafanelli was and further explore some of the questions that inspired her work:

what does it mean to be free?

what does it mean to be powerful?

who gets to decide what is true and what is not?


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